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Simple food for and from the heart

Handmade bakes for every season.

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bringing people together.

Whether it’s gathering over a meal, or sending over a surprise gift pack, we know first-hand the unique role food has in our lives. At Yeap’s Bakery, human connection is at the heart of what we do. We believe that every bake and drink we serve is an opportunity to bring people together in experiences that you and your loved ones will remember for days to come.
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from our home to yours.

We started small; and we're staying small. We are a family of self-taught bakers who rally around our youngest—Josiah—in his journey of sharing his deep love for food and people with those around us. Many things that come easily for most of us don't come as easily for him, and that is why we have always sought to keep our bakes simple, yet utterly delicious.
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right to your doorstep.

Free local delivery for orders from $25 or $45—based on your location. We know that delivery costs can get really high, so we’ve pioneered a simple, easy way to have your bakes delivered at the lowest cost possible.
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creating gifts for you.

Whether it’s for wedding favours, corporate gifts, or group buys we’d love to collaborate with you for your needs!
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freshly baked.

Sending good-vibes, joy and comfort through your tummy—every bake handmade with love and the best quality ingredients.

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Delivery: 10am-6pm Self-collection: 2pm-6pm